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  • Philippe Korn, Nils-Claudius Gellrich, Simon Spalthoff, Philipp Jehn, Ulf T. Eysel, Martin Zerfowski. Evaluation of the neuroprotective effects of methylprednisolone and surgical decompression in a rodent model of traumatic optic neuropathy. Current Eye Research (2021)

  • Lars Roll, Ulf T. Eysel, Andreas Faissner. Laser Lesion in the Mouse Visual Cortex Induces a Stem Cell Niche-Like Extracellular Matrix, Produced by Immature Astrocytes. Front Cell Neurosci.14, Article102 (2020)

  • Mirko Feldmann, Daniela Beckmann, Ulf T. Eysel and Denise Manahan-Vaughan. Early loss of vision results in extensive reorganisation of plasticity-related receptors and alterations in hippocampal function that extend through adulthood. Cerebral Cortex 29, 892-905 (2019)

  • Vladislav Kozyrev, Robert Staadt, Ulf T. Eysel, Dirk Jancke,
    TMS-induced neuronal plasticity enables targeted remodeling of visual cortical maps.
    PNAS, 115, 6476-6481 (2018)

  • Kalina Burnat, Tjing-Tjing Hu, Ma?gorzata Kossut, Ulf T. Eysel, Lutgarde Arckens.
    Plasticity beyond V1 - Reinforcement of motion perception upon binocular central retinal lesions in adulthood.
    J. Neuroscience 37, 8989–8999 (2017)

  • Stett A, Eysel UT,,
    Retinal and cortical activation by electrical stimulation with retina implants.
    Klin Monbl Augenheilkd. 233,1213-1221 (2016) [German]

  • Laura Smit-Rigter, Rajeev Rajendran, Liselot Spierenburg, Femke Groeneweg, Catia A. P. Silva, Emma M. Ruimschotel, Chris van der Togt, Ulf T. Eysel, Christian Lohmann, J. Alexander Heimel, Christiaan N. Levelt.
    Mitochondrial dynamics in adult visual cortex are limited and not affected by axonal structural plasticity
    Current Biology 19, 2609-2616 (2016)

  • Smolders K, Vreysen S, Laramée M.-E., Cuyvers A, Hu T.-T, Van Brussel L, Eysel UT, Nys J, Arckens L.
    Retinal lesions induce fast intrinsic cortical plasticity in adult mouse visual system.
    Eur J Neurosci., in press (2015)

  • Schlaffke L, Golisch A, Haag LM, Lenz M, Heba S, Lissek S, Schmidt-Wilcke T,  Eysel UT, Tegenthoff M.
    The Brain’s Dress Code - How The Dress allows to decode the neuronal pathway of an optical illusion.
    Cortex 73, 271-275 (2015)

  • Vidyasagar TR, Eysel UT.
    Origins of feature selectivities and maps in the mammalian primary visual cortex.
    Trends Neurosci. 38, 475-485 (2015)

  • Kozyrev V, Eysel UT, Jancke D
    Voltage-sensitive dye imaging of transcranial magnetic stimulation-induced intracortical dynamics.
    PNAS 111, 13553-13558 (2014)

  • Angela Neitz, Evanthia Mergia, Elisabeth Petrasch-Parwez, Ulf T. Eysel, Doris Koesling, Thomas Mittmann.
    Postsynaptic NO/cGMP increases NMDA receptor currents via hyperpolarization-ctivated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels in hippocampus.
    Cerebral Cortex 24, 1923-1936 (2014)

  • Imbroschi B, Neubacher U, White R, Eysel UT, Mittmann T.
    Shift from phasic to tonic GABAergic transmission following laser-lesions in the rat visual cortex.
    Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology 465, 879-893 (2013)

  • Keck T, Keller GB, Jacobsen RI, Eysel UT, Bonhoeffer T, Hübener M.
    Synaptic scaling and homeostatic plasticity in the mouse visual cortex in vivo.
    Neuron 80, 227-234 (2013)

  • Roll L, Mittmann T, EyselUT, Faissner A ,
    The laser lesion of the mouse visual cortex as a model to study neural extracellular matrix remodeling during degeneration, regeneration and plasticity of the CNS.
    Cell Tissue Res. 349, 133-145 (2012)

  • Yan L, Imbrosci B, Zhang W, Neubacher U, Hatt H, EyselUT, Mittmann T,
    Changes in NMDA-Receptor Function in the First Week Following Laser-Induced Lesions in Rat Visual Cortex.

    Cereb Cortex 22, 2392-2403 (2012)

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  • Keck T, Scheuss V, Jacobsen RI, Wierenga CJ, Eysel UT, Bonhoeffer T, Hübener M,
    Loss of sensory input causes rapid structural changes of inhibitory neurons in adult mouse visual cortex.
    Neuron. 2011 Sep 8;71(5):869-82

  • Hu TT, Van den Bergh G, Thorrez L, Heylen K, Eysel UT, Arckens L,
    Recovery from Retinal Lesions: Molecular Plasticity Mechanisms in Visual Cortex Far beyond the Deprived Zone.
    Cereb Cortex. 2011 May 12. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Neitz A, Mergia E, Eysel U.T. , Koesling D, Mittmann T.,
    Presynaptic nitric oxide/cGMP facilitates glutamate release via hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels in the hippocampus.
    Eur J Neurosci. doi: 10.1111/j.1460-9568.2011.07654.x [Epub ahead of print] Mar 17, 2011

  • Benali A, Trippe J, Weiler E, Mix A, Petrasch-Parwez E, Girzalsky W, Eysel, U.T. , Erdmann R, Funke K.,
    Theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation alters cortical inhibition.
    J Neurosci. 31, 1193-1203 (2011)

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  • Imbrosci B, Eysel, U.T. , Mittmann T.,
    Metaplasticity of horizontal connections in the vicinity of focal laser lesions in rat visual cortex.
    J Physiol. 588, 4695-4703 (2010)

  • Mix A, Benali A, Eysel, U.T. , Funke K.,
    Continuous and intermittent transcranial magnetic theta burst stimulation modify tactile learning performance and cortical protein expression in the rat differently.
    Eur J Neurosci. 32, 1575-1586 (2010)

  • Hu TT, Van der Gucht E, Eysel, U.T. , Arckens L.
    Retinal lesions induce layer-specific Fos expression changes in cat area 17.
    Exp Brain Res. 205, 139-144 (2010)

  • Budd, J.M.L., Kovács, K., Ferecskó, A.S., Buzás, P., Eysel, U.T. , Kisvárday, Z.F.,
    Neocortical axon arbors trade-off material and conduction delay conservation.
    PLoS Comput Biol 6(3): e1000711 (2010)

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  • Gellrich, N.-C., Stuehmer, C., Bormann, K.-H., Mücke, I., Schramm, A., Eysel, U.T. , and Rücker, M.,
    Degeneration of retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve sheath fenestration in an experimental rat model.
    Journal of Neuroophthalmology, 29, 275-280 (2009)

  • Besser M, Horvat-Bröcker A, Eysel, U.T. , Faissner A,
    Differential expression of receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases accompanies the reorganisation of the retina upon laser lesion.
    Exp Brain Res. 198, 37-47 (2009)

  • Dohle, C.I., Eysel, U.T. , and Mittmann, T.,
    Spatial distribution of long-term potentiation in the surround of visual cortex lesions in vitro.
    Exp Brain Res. 199, 423-433 (2009)

  • Eysel, U.T. , Hoffmann KP,
    Editorial: special issue neurovision.
    Exp Brain Res. 199, 201-202 (2009)

  • Taqatqeh F, Mergia E, Neitz A, Eysel, U.T. , Kösling D, Mittmann T.,
    More than a retrograde messenger: nitric oxide needs two cGMP pathways to induce hippocampal long-term potentiation.
    J Neurosci. 29, 9344-9350 (2009)

  • Hu, T.-T., Laeremans, A., Eysel, U.T. , Cnops, L., Arckens, L.,
    Analysis of c-fos and zif268 expression reveals time-dependent changes in activity inside and outside the lesion projection zone in adult cat area 17 after retinal lesions.
    Cerebral Cortex 19, 2982-2992 (2009)

  • Sirko, S., Neitz, A., Mittmann, T., Horvat-Bröcker, A., von Holst, A., Eysel, U.T. , Faissner, A.,
    Focal laser lesions activate an endogenous population of neural stem/progenitor cells in the adult visual cortex.
    Brain 132, 2252-2264 (2009)

  • Rochefort N.L., Buzás P., Koza A., Quenech'du N., Eysel, U.T. , Milleret C., Kisvárday Z.F.,
    Functional selectivity of interhemispheric connections in cat visual cortex.
    Cerebral Cortex 19, 2451-2465 (2009)

  • Palagina, G., Eysel, U.T. , Jancke, D. ,
    Strengthening of lateral activation in adult rat visual cortex after retinal lesions captured with voltage-sensitive dye imaging in vivo.
    PNAS 106, 8743-8747 (2009)

  • Jirmann, K.-U., Pernberg, J., Eysel, U.T. ,
    Stimulus dependence of GABAergic mechanisms contribution to orientation and direction tuning in cat visual cortex (Area 18).
    Exp. Brain Res. 192, 369-378 ( 2009)

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  • Abidin I, Eysel UT, Lessmann V, Mittmann T.,
    Impaired GABAergic inhibition in the visual cortex of BDNF heterozygous knock out mice.
    J Physiol. 586, 1885-901 (2008).

  • Aydin-Abidin S, Trippe J, Funke K, Eysel UT, Benali A.,
    High- and low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation differentially activates c-Fos and zif268 protein expression in the rat brain.
    Exp Brain Res. 188, 249-61 (2008)

  • Keck, T., Mrsic-Floegel, T.D., Vaz Afonso, M., Eysel, U.T., Bonhöffer, T., Hübener, M.,
    Chronic imaging of functional reorganization reveals a massive restructuring of neuronal circuits in adult visual cortex.
    Nature Neuroscience 11, 1162-1167 (2008)

  • Benali, A., Weiler, E., Benali, Y., Dinse, H.R., Eysel, U.T.,
    Excitation and inhibition jointly regulate cortical reorganization in adult rats.
    J. Neuroscience 28, 12284-12294 (2008)

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  • Cnops, Lieselotte, Hu, Tjing-Tjing, Eysel, U.T., Arckens, Lutgarde,
    Effect of binocular retinal lesions on CRMP2 and CRMP4 but not Dyn I and Syt I expression in adult cat area 17.
    Eur. J. Neurosci. 25, 1395-1401 (2007)

  • Rochefort N. L., Buzás P., Kisvárday Z. F., Eysel U. T., Milleret C.,
    Layout of transcallosal activity in cat visual cortex revealed by optical imaging.
    Neuroimage 36, 804-821 (2007)

  • Heck, N., Garwood, J., Dobbertin, A., Calco, V., Sirko, S., Mittmann, T., Eysel, U.T., Faissner, A., Evidence for distinct leptomeningeal cell-dependent paracrine and EGF-linked autocrine regulatory pathways for suppression of fibrillar collagens in astrocytes.
    Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 36, 71-85 (2007)

  • Arash Haghikia, Evanthia Mergia, Andreas Friebe, Ulf T. Eysel, Doris Koesling and Thomas Mittmann,
    Long-term potentiation in the visual cortex requires both isoforms of NO-sensitive guanylyl cyclase.
    J. Neuroscience 27, 818-823  (2007)

  • Lieselotte Cnops, Tjing-Tjing Hu, Ulf T. Eysel, Lutgarde Arckens,
    Effect of binocular retinal lesions on CRMP2 and CRMP4 but not Dyn I and Syt I expression in adult cat area
    17. Eur. J. Neurosci., in press (2007)

  • Rochefort N. L., Buzás P., Kisvárday Z. F., Eysel U. T., Milleret C.,
    Layout of transcallosal activity in cat visual cortex revealed by optical imaging.
    Neuroimage, in press (2007)

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  • Sengpiel, F., Jirmann, K.-U., Vorobyov, V., Eysel, U.T.,
    Strabismic suppression is mediated by inhibitory interactions in the primary visual cortex.
    Cerebral Cortex, EPub (2006).

  • Giannikopoulos, D.V., Eysel, U.T.,
    Dynamics and specificity of cortical map reorganization after retinal lesions.
    PNAS 103, 10805-10810 (2006).

  • Ismail Abidin, Torben Köhler, Elke Weiler, Georg Zoidl, Ulf T. Eysel, Volkmar Lessmann and Thomas Mittmann,
    Reduced presynaptic efficiency of excitatory synaptic transmission impairs LTP in the visual cortex of BDNF heterozygous mice.
    Eur. J. Neurosci. 24, 3519-3531 (2006).

  • Aydin-Abidin S, Moliadze V,Eysel UT, Funke K.    
    Effects of repetitive TMS on visually evoked potentials and EEG in the anaesthetized cat: dependence on stimulus frequency and train duration.
    J Physiol. 574, 443-455. Epub 2006 May 11 (2006).

  • Eckhorn R, Wilms M, Schanze T, Eger M, Hesse L,Eysel UT, Kisvárday ZF, Zrenner E, Gekeler F, Schwahn H, Shinoda K, Sachs H, Walter P.
    Visual resolution with retinal implants estimated from recordings in cat visual cortex.
    Vision Res. 46, 2675-2690 (2006).

  • Péter Buzás, Kovácz, Krisztina, Ferecskó, Alex S., Budd, Julian M.L., Eysel, U.T., Kisvárday, Z.F.,
    Model-based analysis of excitatory lateral connections in the visual cortex.
    Journal of Comparative Neurology 499, 861-881. (2006).

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  • Walter, P., Kisvárday, Z.F. Görtz, M., Alteheld, N., Rössler, G., Stieglitz, T., Eysel, U.T.,
    Cortical activation via an implanted wireless retinal prothesis.
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 46, 1780-1785 (2005).

  • Moliadze, V., Giannikopoulos D., Eysel, U.T., Funke, K.,
    Paired-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation protocol applied to visual cortex of anaesthetized cat: effects on visually evoked single-unit activity.
    J.Physiol. 566, 955-956 (2005).

  • Striedinger, K., Petrasch-Parwez, E., Zoidl, G., Napirei, M., Meier, C., Eysel U.T., Dermietzel, R.,
    Loss of connexion36 increases retinal cell vulnerability to secondary cell loss.
    Eur. J. Neurosci. 22, 605-616 (2005)

  • Shevelev IA, Bondar IV, Eysel UT, Kisvárday ZF, Buzás P, Ivanov RS, Saltykov KA.
    Anesthesia and tangential package of neurons sensitive to cruciform figures in the cat striate cortex.
    Dokl Biol Sci. 402, 179-182 (2005).

  • Calford, M.B., Chino, Y.M., Das, A., Eysel, U.T., Gilbert, C.D., Heinen, S.J., Kaas, J.H., Ullman, S., Rewiring the adult brain.
    Nature 438, doi:10.1038/04359 (2005).

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  • Yousef, T., Neubacher, U.,  Eysel, U.T., Volgushev, M.
    Nitric  oxide  synthase in rat visual cortex: an immunohistochemical study.
    Brain Research Protocols 13, 57-67 (2004).

  • Volgushev, M., Pernberg, J., Eysel, U.T.,
    Response selectivity and gamma-fluctuations of the membrane potential in visual cortical neurone. Neurocomputing, 58-60 (2004).

  • Volgushev, M., Kudryashov, I., Chistiakova, M., Mukovski, M., Niesmann, J., Eysel, U.T.,
    Probability of  transmitter release at neocortical synapses at different temperatures.
    J. Neurophysiol. 92, 212-220 (2004).

  • Leysen, I., Van Der Gucht, E., Eysel, U.T., Huybrechts, R., Vandesande, F., Arckens L.,
    Time-dependent changes in the expression of the MEF2 transcription factor family during topographic map reorganization in mammalian visual cortex.
    Eur J Neurosci. 20, 769-780 (2004)

  • Hümmeke M., Eysel U.T. & Mittmann T.,
    Lesion-induced enhancement of LTP in rat visual cortex is mediated by NMDA receptors containing the NR2B subunit.
    J. Physiol. 559, 875-882 (2004).

  • Cheng, A., Eysel, U.T., Vidyasagar, T.R.,
    The role of magnocellular pathway in serial deployment of visual attention.
    Eur. J. Neurosci. 20, 2188-2192 (2004).

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  • Eysel, U.T.,
    Illusions and perceived images in the primate brain.
    Science 302, 789-791  (2003).

  • Benali A, Leefken I, Eysel UT, Weiler E;
    A computerized image analysis system for quantitative analysis of cells in histological brain sections,
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 125, 33-43 (2003).

  • Mauck, B., Bilgmann, K., Jones, D.D., Eysel, U., Dehnhardt, G.,
    Thermal windows on the trunk of hauled-out seals: hot spots for thermoregulatory evaporation?
    J. Exp. Biol. 206, 1727-1738 (2003).

  • Massie, A., Cnops, L., Jacobs, S.,Van Damme, K., Vandenbussche, E., Eysel, U.T., Vandesande, F., Arckens, L.
    Glutamate levels and transport in cat area 17 during cortical reorganization following binocular retinal lesions.
    J. Neurochem. 84, 1387-1397 (2003).

  • Volgushev, M., Pernberg, J., Eysel, U.T.
    ?-frequency fluctuations of the membrane potential and response selectivity in visual cortical neurons. Europ.
    J. Neurosci. 17, 1768-1776 (2003).

  • Buzás, P., Volgushev, M., Eysel, U.T., Kisvárday, Z.F.
    Independence of visuotopic representation and orientation map in the visual cortex of the cat.
    Eur. J. Neurosci 18, 957-968 (2003).

  • Barmashenko, G., Eysel, U.T., Mittmann, T.
    Changes in intracellular calcium transients and LTP in the surround of visual cortex lesions in rats.
    Brain Research 990, 120-128 (2003).

  • Moliadze V., Zhao Y., Eysel, U.T., Funke, K.
    Effect of transcranial magnetic stimulatioon on single-unit activity in the cat primary visual cortex.
    J. Physiol. 553, 665-679 (2003).

  • Qu, Y., Massie, A., van der Gucht, E., Vandenbussche, E., Eysel, U.T., Vandesande, F., Arckens, L.,
    Changes in extracellular glutamate and aspartate during cortical reorganization following retinal lesions as revealed by in vivo microdialysis in area 17 of awake cat.
    Brain Res. 962, 199-206 (2003).

  • Massie A, Cnops L, Smolders I, Van Damme K, Vandenbussche E, Vandesande F, Eysel UT, Arckens L. Extracellular GABA concentrations in area 17 of cat visual cortex during topographic map reorganization following binocular central retinal lesioning.
    Brain Res. 976, 100-108 (2003).

  • Van den Bergh, G., Eysel, U.T., Vandenbussche, E., Vandesande, F., Arckens, L.
    Retinotopic map plasticity in adult cat visual cortex is accompanied by changes in Ca2+ / calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II alpha autophosphorylation.
    Neuroscience 120, 133-142 (2003).

  • Arckens, L., Van der Gucht, E., Van den Bergh, G., Massie, A., Leysen, I., Vandenbussche, E.,  Eysel, U.T., Huybrechts, R., Vandesande, F.
    Differential display implicates cyclophilin A in adult cortical plasticity.
    Europ. J. Neurosci. 18, 61-75 (2003).

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  • Gellrich, N.C., Schimming, R., Zerfowski, M., Eysel U.T.,
    Quantificiation of histomorphological changes after calibrated crush of the intraorbital optic nerve in rats.
    Br J Ophthalmol 86, 233-237 (2002).

  • Zhao, Y., Kerscher, N., Eysel, U., Funke, K.,
    D1 and D2 receptor mediated dopaminergic modulation of visual responses in cat dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus.
    J. Physiol. 539, 223-238 (2002).

  • Volgushev, M., Pernberg, J., Eysel, U.T.,
    A novel mechanism for response selectivity in cat visual cortex neurons.
    J. Physiol. 540, 307-320 (2002).

  • Eyding, D., Schweigart, G., Eysel, U.T.,
    Spatio-temporal plasticity of cortical receptive fields in response to repetitive visual stimulation in the adult cat.
    Neuroscience 112, 195-215 (2002).

  • Schweigart, G., Eysel, U.T.,
    Activity-dependent receptive field changes in the surround of adult cat visual cortex lesions.
    Eur. J. Neurosci. 15, 1585-1596 (2002).

  • Huemmeke, M., Eysel, U.T., Mittmann, T.,
    Metabotropic glutamate receptors mediate expression of LTP in rat visual cortex.
    Eur. J. Neurosci. 15, 1641-1645 (2002).

  • Gellrich N.-C., Schramm A., Rustemeyer J., Eysel, U.T.,
    Quantification of the neurodegenerative impact on the visual system following sudden retrobulbar expanding lesions - an experimental model.
    J. Cranio-Maxillofac. Surg. 30, 230-236 (2002).

  • Kisvárday, Z.F., Ferecskó, A.S., Kovács, K., Buzás, P., Budd, J.M.L., Eysel, U.T.
    One axon - multiple functions: Specificity of lateral inhibitory connections by large basket cells.
    J. Neurocytol 31, 255-264 (2002).

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  • Funke, K., Zhao,Y., Eysel, U.T.,
    Changes in response modulation of cat perigeniculate neurons related to EEG state and application of neuromodulators.
    Neuroreport 12, 815-820 (2001).

  • Womelsdorf, T., Eysel, U.T., Kisvárday, Z.F.,
    Comparison of orientation maps obtained by optical imaging with different numbers of stimulus orientations.
    NeuroImage 13, 1131-1139 (2001).

  • Kisvárday, Z.F., Buzás, P., Eysel, U.T.,
    Calculating direction maps from intrinsic signals revealed by optical imaging.
    Cerebral Cortex 11, 636-647 (2001).

  • Yousef, T., Tóth, É., Rausch, M., Eysel, U.T., Kisvárday, Z.F.,
    Topography of orientation centre connections in the primary visual cortex of the cat.
    NeuroReport 12, 1693-1699 (2001).

  • Buzás P., Eysel U.T., Adorján, P., Kisvárday, Z.F.,
    Axonal topography of cortical basket cells in relation to orientation, direction and ocular dominance maps.
    J.Comp. Neurol. 437, 259-285 (2001).

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    Changes in contrast gain in cat dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus by dopamine receptor agonists.
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    Intracellular calcium signals in the surround of lesions in rat visual cortex.
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  • Mittmann, T., Eysel, U.T.,
    Increased synaptic plasticity in the surround of rat visual cortex lesions.
    NeuroReport 12, 3341-3347 (2001).

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  • Volgushev, M., Eysel, U.T.,
    Noise makes sense in neuronal computing. Perspectives,
    Science 290, 1908-1909 (2000).

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  • Arckens L., Van Der Gucht, E., Eysel, U.T., Orban, G.A., Vandesande, F.,
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    Lesion-induced changes in NMDA receptor subunit mRNA expression in rat visual cortex.
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  • Bing Li, Klaus Funke, Florentin Wörgötter, Eysel, U.T.,
    Correlated variations in EEG pattern and visual responsiveness of cat lateral geniculate relay cells.
    J. Physiol. 514, 857-874 (1999).

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    Increased receptive field size in the surround of chronic lesions in the adult cat visual cortex.
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    NMDA receptor blockade prevents LTD, but not LTP induction by intracellular tetanization.
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  • Yousef, T., Bonhoeffer, T., Kim, D.-S., Eysel, U.T., Éva Tóth, Kisvárday, Z.F.,
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    Eur. J. Neurosci. 11, 4291 - 4308 (1999).

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